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Lascivious Now

After 14 wonderful years the Lascivious website is now closed. We will be keeping our trademarks, social channels, designs and this website domain so we can keep you updated of any changes and our future plans.

We are thrilled to announce that Dolci Follie will be exclusively producing our iconic ‘Kitty' design in 2019, so if you missed it on our website you will be able to get it directly from them, dolcifollie.co.uk

We are also thrilled that one of our most desired collections ‘Laura’ will be brought back to life, along with ‘Lila’ by beautiful Australian retailer Smitten Kitten www.smittenkitten.com.au

Keep your eyes peeled for more potential Lascivious favourites being re-homed.

Image credit: Lascivious 10 year anniversary shoot, shot by David Yeo on Alice Rausch and James.

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