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Thank yous...Influences and loved ones..

The Lascivious website is now closed, but I wanted to take the time to thank all of you, Lascivious crew! 

I know that I have probably missed some people below - as I reminisce over the last 15 years, memories continue to surface, but if I have not mentioned you, it is not intentional and please know that I have valued every influence, every bit of support and help I have been fortunate enough to have been given. Thank you!

Firstly our customers and fans, anyone that has ever bought anything that enabled us to stay open as long as we did - especially the anonymous person who recently sent back a bikini they had never worn in case we could put it in our closing sale, without a name or request for a refund, it was incredibly sweet and thoughtful, thank you!

My brother Ozzie, who has been involved with Lascivious since its inception. An incredibly talented creative, Oz has helped with branding, illustration, photography and web design among many other things. The influence of my brother has always been huge, from music to art and film. Also my family, my parents and my nan, who have loaned me money to keep me going whenever I’ve needed it and always allowed me to follow my dreams (and consistently fill their house with boxes and archives and things they would probably prefer were not there). Thank you fam!

Lascivious 'Marigold Sunshine' by Ozzie Hamblen, featuring Rebekah Dobbins

I have a huge amount of respect for the designers that were already established when I was starting out. I can’t stress enough the difficult path they had to tread to be respected as designers in an erotic sphere. Lingerie at that time wasn’t considered the fashion statement it became. Props to those designers and stores that were the original trail blazers.. Agent Provocateur, Myla, La Perla, Marlies Dekkers, Coco De Mer, Fifi Chachnil, Janet Reger, Carine Gilson, Chantal Thomass and more.
My first assistant, Laura. One of the best designers I know, who has gone on to work for McQueen and Christopher Kane. I am so proud of what she has achieved and have a lot of gratitude for her influence on my work. She helped me to create the Milla and Lila styles, as well as her name sake ‘Laura.’ She also introduced me to a hugely talented photographer that would create some of our strongest shoots. My particular favourite was in 2009, shot with Vika Skyte, whom we have shot several times since. Vika is one of my consistent muses and one of the women I have shot the most over the years, a girl that skateboards and goes to art school, she has always supported us… what’s not to love?
Vika Skyte pictured in our Lascivious SS09 campaign

Sophie.. An essential member of Lascivious crew. Sophie is the most organised, lovely, calm lady in a crisis you could ever meet, I feel so lucky to have worked with her for so long. She is literally THE BEST and there were honestly points that I couldn’t have continued without her by my side. Thanks Soph!

Some of the early Lascivious crew, especially Lisa, Jade and Rachel. Rachel, the best sales woman I know, who had a massive impact on our growth - effortlessly warm and engaging, confident and fun. I will never forget the excitement when Courtney Love and Nigella Lawson tweeted us back. Jade and Lisa; such a good team that I had to offer them both a job after their internships at Lascivious. Together we created some of my favourite styles; the updated version of Belle (gradient) and our entire SS13 season of colour. I will always remember making ink blot pictures at the park, our spotify playlists and us all getting a little tipsy on a few cans of cider… Jade now runs her own fabulous lingerie brand, Reckless Wolf. Check it out.

Jessica, who is now a successful freelancer and helped us with lots of patterns and the job of taking over from Jade and Lisa after they departed. Yasmin and Sian, both great brand ambassadors and fantastic at the social bits that I am so inept at.

Thanks to every intern that has ever worked with us. I’m sorry if I miss anyone here but notable highlights would have to be.. Rosie (I will forever treasure my hand painted ‘cunt’ plate), Ellie (I consistently wear my Lascivious necklace), Tara, Lucy, Eleanor, Hanaa, Carissa (I love my cushion so much and everyone comments on it - I hope the new brand is going great guns!), Rebecca, Lois, Shana, Teri, Rosie, Louisa, Flora, Anastasia, Meriel, Kathryn, Daisy, Sarah, Annabelle, Silvia, Paula, Claudia, Rochelle, Evelyne, Eve, Selina, Samantha, Amber, Jessie, Shanique, Amy, Rosa, Steph, Alice, Ffion, Anna, Lewis (an amazing designer, who had a role in helping me design our SS14 collections), Camille, Tanicia, Alexandra, Charlotte, Ruth, Arabella, Sophie, Lizzie, Malena, Emily, Tilly, Becky, Anneliese, Beth, Sian, Sophie, Steph, Natalie, Sarah, Chantal, Rachel, Bronte. We have had so many interns that have stood out and gone on to build their own successful brands, I couldn’t be prouder of them. For anyones names I missed, apologies and thank you so much for giving up your time.

Our UK factory, AJM Sewing; James, John, Yvonne, Tracey, Liz and all of the team that enabled me to take the production out of my bedroom and onto the factory floor. AJM have sewn our knickers for over 10 years and we have so many wonderful memories with them, from parties in London to factory visits and through all the tough times they kept going and continued to find new ways to survive. Much respect.

Another key person to our development was Kelly Isaac, who we worked with as a part of the Lingerie Collective. A one woman dynamo that had her own lingerie production unit, trade fair and pop-up shop and championed the independent London designers. Helping us all to have a platform for sales, as well as connect and support one another. Kelly’s never ending enthusiasm, hard work and ambition really helped us to become stronger. She now teaches Yoga all over the world and runs Yogangster with Goldie. Her influence cannot be underestimated.

Photos below, L-R: Sophie and I collecting our Coolbrands book in 2016, Lascivious crew, Ozzie, Lisa, Jade and Rachel, after winning the 'independent lingerie designer of the year' award in 2011, Tracey from AJM sewing sewing our Milla bra, Kelly and I at the Lingerie Awards

The Scottish contingent..

David Finlayson, without whom we may never have ended up in Selfridges and continues to help and support us to this day, also running independent trade show, Dessous London and APM Agency. The best of the best, David has introduced me to lots of other contacts and always given me great advice. Thank you also to his lovely colleague Tamar. 

Mhairi and Chloe from Bebaroque, super talented ladies that really introduced the idea of embellished leg wear to the FROW. I loved the pieces we did together, including crystallised and printed stockings. An incredibly talented duo.

Kiera, who made us some beautiful leather belts and accessories.

ALL of the independent designers that have shown us love and support, kept us sane at trade shows and sample sales and have sometimes even collaborated with us. You are all amazing and these words aren’t enough… 

Nicole Herman for insisting on coming all the way from New York to intern for us way back when and to then have created such an incredibly beautiful brand with Fraulein Kink, which we have been thrilled to collaborate with. I’m so proud of you, the brand is on point! www.frauleinkink.com

Thank you to Bok, who has been so incredibly kind and generous. Thank you to Helen Masters for all of your hard work.

William Wilde, for being such a great communicator, being open to my ideas and being so quick to design and get things done. I have loved all of our collaborations, highlights include latex skirts, latex Kitty and our futuristic latex body for our SS17 season.

Photos below, L-R: 1. Fraulein Kink collab chain belt and cuffs, shot with Lascivious catsuit on Vika Skyte, 2. 'Nicole' collection shot on Tuuli, wearing Keira leather belt, 3. Bebaroque collaboration embellished stockings, 4. Fraulien Kink fringed cuffs. Landscape Image: William Wilde latex collaboration of our iconic Kitty, shot on Nata, holding 'the Boudoir Bible' by Betony Vernon (a must read), shot by Tom Fraud

Josefine, determined, hard working and multi talented. I’ve known her since our very first playing card party, and she has been like a sister to me. I will always have time for this creative dynamo.. looking forward to learning how to snowboard in Sweden :)

Sian Hoffman, the best corsetiere in the business and general goddess of kink. There is so much to be gained from proper craftsmanship and skill, she has it in spades. The corset we created together was so beautiful and I will never get over that stranger asking me if I had trained my waist in your waspie! www.sianhoffman.co.uk

Laura from Ell and Cee. We did the sweetest bridal/valentines crystallised ‘love’ knickers together, super cute in their Lascivious heart boxes. I also appreciate that Laura has been established longer then me, so she understands the struggles. Big respect.

Kriss Soonik - one of my most favourite people, beautiful, talented and always available for a sneaky sample sale sandwich break. Kriss has now opened a showroom in her native Estonia. I will always remember our inclusion in a trade fair in Florence - thanks also to Linea Intima for sponsoring us and to Carlo and Daniela for translating for us and welcoming us to Florence so kindly. 

Carol Wiseman, creator of the most beautiful sophisticated jewellery pieces, hand-crafted in her London workshop. It was so wonderful to create erotic jewellery to sit alongside our lingerie, at such a high quality with this lovely lady.

Photos below, L-R: 1. William Wilde latex Lascivious collaboration, shot on Lee by Hannah Hillier, 2. Josefine Wing, Chloe Hamblen, Kriss Soonik, 3. Ell and Cee collaboration 'love' knickers shot by Rankin on Tuuli, 4. Sian Hoffman corset collaboration, shot on Vika, wearing Fraulein Kink tassel headpiece.

Image by Szymon Brodziak showcasing Carol Wiseman collaboration, on the lovely Agata, Krystyna and Magdalena

One of the keys to our success has definitely been stylists that have wanted to work with us, this list is too short, but thanks to William Baker, master stylist, for working with us to create pieces for Kylie and Britney Spears. Karl Plewka, who has always believed in Lascivious and connected us with some of our great fashion moments. Katie Grand, Alice Skidmore, Kenny Ho, Madeleine Bowden, Gok Wan, Emily Hoyle, Jemima Penny, Hope Von Joel, Karen Langley, Alice Wilby and her work with ethical fashion, all the way from her days as a Coco De Mer girl through stylist, journalist and eco fashion queen. Scott Robert Clark - thanks to Scott for also styling us a fashion/lingerie story during LFW. Lupe Castro, such an amazing eye and passion for fashion!

Celebrities in our pieces are of course always a blessing and we are grateful for those that have been clients as well as those that have graced magazines and FROWs wearing our pieces - client list is confidential, but we appreciate that you bought stuff and didn’t expect freebies. :)